Archiving Policy

It has been ensured under the digital archiving policy of BBASR-MEDEYE that despite any accidental loss of data in our personal archival records, the published scholarly content remains available to the scholarly community through the following systems:
PKP Preservation Network (PN)
The PKP Preservation Network (PN) provides free preservation services for any journal managed and operated through Open Journal System (OJS). The PKP PN plugin for OJS 3 is available in the plugin gallery. Therefore, fulfilling the basic criteria, this plugin has been activated for BBASR-MEDEYE.  
LOCKSS and CLOCKSS Archival Systems
BBASR-MEDEYE uses the digital preservation systems of LOCKSS and CLOCKSS licenses for archiving through the OJS. LOCKSS is an open-ended program in which all libraries can participate in its global network. CLOCKSS is a global archive that preserves content on behalf of all libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.